Our Announcement About Covid-19 

Almost everyday, new recommendations and precautions to fight against COVID-19 are being published by local and state authorities as well as World Health Organization. Accordingly, we are taking all necessary measures to reduce the risk of contagiousness.

The well-being of our employees and business partners is our top priority. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from this epidemic, we became more strict on hygienic conditions, we reduced human density at the working areas, cafeterias and changing rooms, we enabled employees with critical health issues to rest at home and we encouraged those who are able to work from home to do so.

Magmaweld has an important role providing products and services to critical sectors as defense, transportation, energy, infrastructure construction, utility services, health & safety products manufacturers and food industries. Therefore, we are aware of our responsibility to carry on with our production and services during this very critical situation.

We would like to extend our thanks, especially to our employees who work overtime in order to cover the absent personnel, to our channel partners who do their best to keep the supply going, to our after-sales personnel who are even more alert today for breakdowns at these critical industries. Of course we also extend our thanks to our customers who we are certain will show tolerance and patience for possible unwanted delays which may occur during these challenging times.