Oil And Gas Industries

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Oil and gas industries have a leading role in the energy segment all over the world and plays an important role on material development trends.

Welding is the main joining and repairing process and it is considered as the most important process especially under emergency conditions. Therefore, welding consumables should fulfill strict requirements of critical materials, like very high toughness at low temperatures, high creep resistance, less sensitivity to temper embrittlement, high resistance to different corrosion attacks.

Refining processes and related sections where welding is applied are as follows:

Refining Process Sections:
1. Crude distillation (including desalting, vacuum and stabilization)
2. Catalytic reforming and feed preparation
3. Catalytic cracking
4. Delayed coking
5. Hydrotreating
6. Hydrocracking
7. Hydrogen plant

Off-site and Auxiliary Facility Sections:
9. Tankage and tank farm piping
10. Steam generation
11. Power distribution
12. Antiknock additive mixing plants
13. Cooling water towers
14. Waste water separator and emulsion treating
15. Instrument air
16. Plant air
17. Fire protection

In oil and gas industry, widely used welding processes are: Stick Electrode Welding, MIG/MAG- Flux Cored Wire Welding, TIG and SAW Welding. All welding products should meet the strict requirements of API standards, critical material specifications or special expectations of refinery professionals. Magmaweld consumables and equipment are designed and produced to meet these tough expectations.

While welding of refinery equipment, construction elements and spool production are performed off-site, assembly welds of equipment, construction, piping, pipe laying and storage tank productions are performed on-site and outdoors. While off-site welds are easier to perform and inspect, on-site welds for assembly, erection and especially during emergency situations are very critical. Also, tough weather conditions may impose inspection limitations.

Our close connection & communication with oil and gas industry professionals, allow us to understand the needs of refineries, during standard operation, emergency situations and construction-erection-assembling phases, for developing our welding products and production processes